Stock your gift shops with souvenir printed tea towels that’ll last as long as visitors memories…

Bespoke printed tea towels, designed for a specific site or location, have long been an important part of a souvenir gift range. For Gift Shops at cultural, heritage, museum and other visitor attractions we’re a perfect partner. Designs based on regional maps and flags, local site imagery and celebrated people are always a reliable source for ideas and have made many a popular gift range. Printed onto a tea towel by our experts they’re a cost-effective and popular gift, often a central part of the retail offer and a wonderfully tactile product that always looks well on the display shelf.

Printed Tea Towels from Homeware Creative Ltd compliment the other textile gifts that we produce. To make life easier for the commercial managers and buyers that is one point of contact for a large part of your gift range, we often work through all the products from a single piece of artwork. Our printed souvenir tea towels are made from 100% cotton and are manufactured here at Homeware Creative, printed, cut and sewn on site.

Homeware Creative has a long history in print, since Victorian times we’ve produced giftwares for some of the most famous names, mementoes and commemorative’s for a huge range of events, properties and locations. Over many years, and most likely without realising, there are good odds that something we have had a hand in will have been on display at your shops at one point or another.

It’s not all about the printed tea towels though everything is produced in-house so you don’t have to worry about colours matching and coordinating across a range. “Made in the UK” means we’re able to be fast and flexible, controlling both cost and quality because it’s all done under the one roof.

There’s no need to stop at just printed tea towels, have a look at our 100% cotton fabrics range for tourism and heritage buyers includes printed cotton bags, tea towels, aprons, cushion covers, napkins and much more. We produce bespoke sizes and shapes if needed too, just let us know.

Need some help with sourcing a design brief or converting ideas to products? Consider us a part of your team.



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