Printed tea towels from Homeware Creative Ltd

Homeware Creative Ltd has an enviably long history printing for the gift industry in the UK and overseas, we’ve been at it since the 1880s.

Nowadays that depth of experience can be added to your design creativity to make a powerful offer to your customers. We screen print 100% cotton fabrics to make a range of gift, kitchen and homewares. There is an extensive in-house studio facility, and our highly skilled graphics team will accurately recreate your design artwork on your screen printed tea towel and other chosen gift items and make sure they all coordinate and colour match properly.  A range of carefully sourced fabrics weights is available and optionally your tea towels can include bespoke labelling, custom-made packaging, hanging loops and the like to enhance the appeal and add value. We believe in “made in the UK”, so all our high quality printed cotton tea towels and fabric products are printed, cut and sewn on site.

The range includes printed tea towels, aprons, cushion covers and a variety of printed shoppers, tote and kit bags as you would expect, we can manufacture napkins, fabric placemats, cook pads and aga covers too. We also produce cork backed laminated placemats and coasters and we’ve printed decals used to decorate glass and ceramics (mugs) for almost all the major names in the UK tableware and giftware industries.

Homeware Creative does much more than print the textiles, we carefully coordinate the colour match with other gift items. Since it’s all done in-house we can manage orders large or small, for a one-off or a repeating requirement and keep a tight grip on costs, quality and the lead times.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. We love to get involved in the early stages of a design project, helping with advice on the materials, printing and manufacturing issues as well as drawing on our experience to add a fresh pair of eyes where necessary. We’re there for the long term, our approach is always as though we were part of your team.

To see examples of our work, and more information please view the pages for printed tea towels and other items for artists and designers, environmentally friendly fabric bags and cotton tea towels to promote your business or school, charity or event. There is a page with information for printed tea towels, bags and so on for retail, tourism and heritage buyers.

For information about our coasters and placemats try here and for print for mugs and other ceramic or glass giftware try here. There is also a page with useful info on artwork requirements, tea towel and other templates and downloads, and a little company history, we’ll keep adding to this so come back often and if you think something helpful is missing let us know.

We look forward to working with you.

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Call us on 01782 320022 or email us at info@teatowel.net